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We Are Boundless

Notion was born of a deep belief that we are capable of more: Creating more intentionally, expressing more beautifully, developing with higher integrity. That if we are truly inspired, supported and aligned, individually and collectively, we are boundless.
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Jasmin Rankin Founder of Notion

Beliefs We
Live By

Human Centric Design

We apply an artistic, globally inspired approach to projects without the confines of convention. In all of our work, we seek to address human emotion, create atmosphere and expand experience, and above all – inspire. We harness design as an instigator for positive change and believe deeply considered projects have the capacity to foster community and inspire better living.

An Over-arching Approach

The traditional approach to project development sees different un-associated (and poorly invested) contributors engaged and released at varying points along the process. Our preference is to work end to end, ensuring the vision is underpinned and brief beautifully realised. We make sure there are no disconnects, that the project remains cohesive and is effectively delivered. We provide something seldom found - true project partnership; a deeply invested and caring ally.

Passion + Buy In

Every ‘job’ we partner on, must be a passion project. Non-negotiable. If we’re not invested, we’re not invested. We’re deeply inspired and guided by the Greek word Meraki; “Doing something with soul, creativity, and love – leaving something of yourself in your work”. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Collective Intelligence

We’re highly collaborative – because that means making sure our clients are exposed to the best of the best. In expanding our reach, pooling our passions, knowledge and experience we position owners, founders and entrepreneurs alike, for success and true and lasting expression. Every project has a hand selected team of passionate contributors. By supporting small business, we promote true accountability, buy in and cross pollination. This de-risks and optimises projects by eliminating the unknown, providing vastly improved efficiencies, accountability and economies of scale.

Conscious Consumerism

We believe in property development with a social conscience. In boycotting throw away mentalities. We have a chance to refocus the development agenda towards doing more with less, with what we have. In the pursuit of sustainable development, bypassing the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction alone sells the environmental benefits of renovation and adaptive reuse*. Energy savings, mindful design and material selection, together with the aesthetic advantages of rejuvenating a heritage place make the use of historic buildings an essential component of conscious place making.

The Art Of Story-telling

We believe in story rich, emotive and sensory design. Considered spaces and branding provide us an opportunity to contextualise - to fuse history and environment with new expression, to enrich an otherwise lacklustre offering. Today, more than ever, people want stories they can believe in, participate in. They crave connection, meaning and seek out new experiences over convenience and staid routine. Notion blooms out of this tradition. It seeks to inspire, invite and include – sharing the heart of ‘place.’
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Jasmin Rankin


With cross industry experience spanning some twenty years in business and property, Jasmin has seen first hand the shortcomings of a very profit driven, short sighted, and highly compromised transactional industry. Disillusioned with the status quo, Notion was born to facilitate a new way of thinking about ‘place’ and the opportunities it provides us all to flourish.
‘Founder’ is just a label. A word. But it carries connotations of creativity and innovation, determination and a sense of fearlessness. These are perhaps traits we can largely attribute to a particular upbringing. Founders create something from nothing.

Born of humble means, Jasmin spent her formative years as an only child, traversing vastly remote parts of regional Australia, calling ‘home’ to no less than eleven both humble dwellings and grand homesteads before the age of 8. In an ever-changing environment, she found solace in the time-worn and developed a deep curiosity and respect for her everchanging surrounds, quietly admiring the industrious characters that tended the many uniquely beautiful homes and lands - who seemed adept at creating wonder in the face of adversity.

Resources were scarce and company seldom, and as such she understood from an early age the importance of being resourceful. Of finding possibilities in the ordinary. She occupied herself penning fanciful stories of far-away lands, constructing magical cubbies in crumbling outbuildings, and dreaming of what opportunities may lie beyond the distant horizon.

In her adult years, with an insatiable thirst for culture and inspiration, she immersed herself in life and travel across the far corners of the globe – cataloguing and devouring inspired and immersive places and spaces along the way - absorbing their stories and always gravitating toward beautifully considered properties of old. Steeped in history, rich in expression, and cloaked in the most beautiful patinas only age and devotion can bestow.

Through all this exploration she found but one common thread; places that truly move, that are revered and enduring, are to the credit of many, and, as such, are always dutifully considered. They have authenticity. Integrity. Tactility. The spirits of their founders, custodians and many craftsman are felt within their very walls and to experience them is, consequently, beautifully immersive. And it is this very notion that formed the basis of her passions, and the essence of every Notion Project.

Create Your Legacy

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