Interview with Julian

Interview with Julian – industry peer, Adelaide. A candid chat on business and the move down South.

Jules: So… I’m really intrigued by your move to Tassie. Have you left Brisbane life behind for good?

Jasmin: No, I’ll always spend time in Brissy and have ongoing commitments there, but this is home now. My warehouse ‘Matildas Rest’ is all kitted out for visits but I’m determined to make a beautiful new life down here in the deep south! It’s so much more ‘me’ – fresh produce, lots of old stuff, Pinot, roaring fires… did I mention Pinot! Hobart is a big country town and I’m definitely a country girl at heart.

Jules: I love that you always follow your heart, that’s enviable.

Jasmin: Yeah, some would call me crazy, but it’s worked for me so far! Brisbane is great, it’s really coming in to its own – it’s such an easy city to live in and I’ll miss it dearly, but it can also be a little culturally/architecturally restrictive – and I desperately missed the seasons. (Although at 7 degrees here today in early December I think I’m going from one extreme to the other!)

Jules: Your website is enchanting Jas – did you write all of that? Your story is written beautifully and gives the sense that you are a very wise old owl!

Jasmin: Easy on the ‘old’. I did yeah, although I have Ground Crew to thank for most of the magic. I think it’s important to take the time to write your own copy if you can – to express genuinely who you are and what you stand for – it gives potential new clients an opportunity to get a true sense of whether you’re someone they could work with – that’s not a job you should hand ball to someone else if you can help it. 

Jules: And ‘Notion’. After a quick search I find 2 meanings. 1. A conception or belief about something. 2. An impulse or desire, especially of a whimsical kind. Are you 1 or 2?

Jasmin: 1. A big part of our role is in Ideation. Coming up with an idea, then developing that in to a properly considered concept and vision… working out how to deliver and execute that confidently, in keeping with people’s values, beliefs.

Jules: So, when it comes to getting it done, would you say you’re all hands on or just get trades in?

Jasmin: Hands on but highly collaborative. We more curate and project manage. We bring together the right team, from architects to trades and marketers, and act as conduit between the clients/stakeholders and key contributors. This keeps everyone accountable and the project itself cohesive. The buck stops with us.

So, lots of questions Jules, time for feedback. What do you think?

Jules: I love your passion and joy de vivre so if you can impart that, take the clients on the joyride with you and you can get in front of the right people I think notion will do very well in Tasmania.

Jasmin: What I know is that I’m very good at inspiring action in others. I’m determined to do things right and create only what is truly exceptional. I think the challenge will lie in finding projects where all the pieces marry up. Right canvas, right timing, motivated and inspired owners, and exceptional business operators to run with the spaces on completion. But we don’t need to be all things to all people. Quality not quantity. And people are up for it here.

Jules: That makes complete sense. Niche space – niche approach. 

Have you met David Walsh yet? I’ve not been to MONA myself but the wall of vaginas has been the topic of discussion at a couple of dinner parties of late!

Jasmin: Ha ha, No. Although, I had my maiden ‘tip shop’ run this week (rite of passage here) and happened upon his biography which I of course scooped up. I need to read up before I reach out to him.

Jules: Well to be honest Jazz, I think notion will do very well in Tassie. Everything you have turned your hand to you have made a success of and it seems like the perfect place to really make a positive impact.

Jasmin: Thankyou. I think it will too. People here are beautifully passionate about their heritage, their architecture, and innovation in tourism and hospitality so I definitely feel we’re in the right place.  Notion represents every lifelong passion of mine rolled in to one business, so even if it takes a couple of years to truly flourish, Ill be a very fulfilled and happy woman taking it there.